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Forgotten Rarities TikTok is the 2nd retail department for Forgotten Rarities. This website holds all custom orders for our TikTok Live Sale. FRTT is a separate department from our Instagram live sale. Tune into the live sale to meet our wonderful live sale team and join in on the fun.

We are a modern non-metaphysical crystal shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We mainly sell crystals from Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar. We have two retail departments that are live on TikTok & Instagram every week day. Our incredible team is ready and willing to bring you the best quality for the most affordable price in the industry. Sit back and relax, and let us do the rest.

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Need to get to $50 for free shipping?

Want to add a palm stone or a Palo Santo bag? Some selenite or some cabs? Our website stock is now available! Buy 5 items and get 1 free!!

Our Selection Of Palmstones

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You will receive one palm stone. Choose your desired material and we will intuitively pick your palm stone.
58 Live Hours Of Crystals Per Week!

That's right! As far as we know, we are the only crystal company in the world that is live 5 days per week, 6 hours per day. To make it even better, we host two live sales. One page is our Instagram page and the other page is our newly formed TikTok page. That is a total of 12 hours a day of our beautiful crystal inventory! Come join in on the fun and don't forget to claim responsibly.

Enjoy our variety of schedules morning, afternoon and night.

@forgottenrarities on TikTok
12:00pm - 7:40pm PST

@forgottenrarities on Instagram
12:00pm - 7:40pm PST

Ethically Sourced! Legally Imported!

Forgotten Rarities does everything by the book and makes sure everyone involved is satisfied. We will never support any type of unethical crystal operation and will only import legally. Check out our certificates here.

Thousands Of Crystals To Potentially Claim!

58 entire hours of being live on Instagram averages to around 5,500 crystals shown for the entire week for both live sales. We have literal tons and tons of inventory ready to be sold, and tons more to arrive. If you love variety and time to shop, you will love our live sales.

500+ Orders Shipped Every Single Week!

When it comes to processing, packaging, and shipping out your order we try to get it done as fast as humanly possible while making sure all of the orders are professionally packaged. Our logistics team is dedicated to making sure your order gets out in a timely manner. If you are looking for more information on our shipping process, rules and insurance information, please click here.

Scheduled Live Sales

Our live sales are scheduled by the hour of what we are showing on the live sales. You can see the schedules on our Instagram story highlights. You can also sign up for our newsletter and receive the schedule, discount codes, and a heads up for discount live sale hours. Schedules make it easy to jump in when we have your favorite crystals scheduled!

58 FREE Giveaways Per Week!

At the end of every live sale hour we do a free giveaway to end the hour. Our hourly giveaways usually get decided by the first person to guess the correct price of the crystal being given away. There is only one winner per week which gives everyone a good chance to win! Good luck and have fun!

Obelisks From Brazil

phantoms - rainbows - prefection

Palm Stones Galore!

to be shipped to your door!

Voodoo Amethyst

A mix of brazil and uruguay

Agate Slabs

Agate lovers rejoice!

Mini Brazil Points

Top shelf quality
Free Shipping & VIP Packaging Starting 1/03/2022

We offer free shipping for retail orders $50 and over. The custom live sale order, or website order net value must be $50. This is not include sales tax or route insurance. Each live sale has its own minimum of $50 to qualify for free shipping.

Orders $250 and over qualify for VIP packaging. Since we package orders in the order they are received, VIP orders will put your order into the VIP rack and skip the normal queue. The VIP rack is top packer priority and VIP orders will be packaged as soon as humanly possible.

Our Wholesale Department

Forgotten Rarities is a full time crystal wholesale supplier. The wholesale prices we provide are the same prices that we paid when we first started selling crystals. That alone is a huge achievement for us. Our vision with our wholesale department is to make the journey of growing a business a lot smoother by providing solid quality for a safe price. We match and even sometimes do better than the wholesale market value. If you own a business and are interested in buying wholesale from us please let us know. We look forward to working with you.

A crystal shop that is not metaphysical?

Yes Forgotten Rarities is not a metaphysical crystal shop. We don't sell our crystals for their metaphysical properties. We believe that profiting from a spiritual belief is unethical. The idea of energies or vibrations coming from crystals is incredible. We support the movement, and we love the idea of customers using our crystals for spiritual reasons. Anyone on our team is obviously free to practice and believe in any type of spirituality they choose. We will never put someone down for believing in any spirituality or religion. We simply want our crystals to be sold because people like the quality, and the price, not because of spiritual reasons. We hope that our transparency of this delicate topic gives insight to our integrity and how seriously we take this. It will never be our intention to slander or insult an individual, community, or a fellow business.

Beware of fake accounts!

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We only have one TikTok account.


Please be safe when it comes to these stupid scammers! If a scammer account messages you please block and report the account. It also helps if you can screen shot the account and send it to one of our pages so we can alert others!